Beth Maisak

Beth Maisak comes by her passion for real estate and construction honestly. Growing up in St. Louis, her family comprised residential custom home builders, developers and interior designers. She remembers her father putting her to work in open houses and model homes, often helping stage the houses. Because they also owned a small boutique real estate company, her first adult job was working there in high school.  It’s no wonder the “home” has always held a special place for her, long before she ever owned one of her own or became a realtor.

To Beth, selling real estate isn’t just a job, it is a true calling.  And when she made the conscious decision to pursue this seemingly pre-destined career path, she set out to fortify her already considerable working knowledge with a degree in business and additional sales experience.  She has 11 years under her belt working for a custom home builder – everything from pulling permits to selecting finish-outs to marketing and selling – and has been a custom home builder herself. For the past 10 years, she has worked in residential real estate. She also recently relocated to Dallas, and now has the added perspective – and empathy! – that comes from moving someplace new.

The real estate market goes through changes every year, and Beth prides herself on growing with these changes and staying abreast of market trends for the sake of her clients. Her hope is to provide you with an experience to remember and share.  

  • Relocation Certified
  • Ninja Selling Certified
  • New Construction Certified
  • 6622 Hillwood Lane Dallas, TX 75248 - Image
    6622 Hillwood Lane Dallas, TX 75248
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    6162 Prospect Avenue Dallas, TX 75214
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    3975 High Summit ... Dallas, TX 75244
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    124 Magnolia Lane Rockwall, TX 75032

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